ADS - Gestion De Fortune


We propose a variety of services pertaining to FATCA and/or CRS that we adapt to better suit the requirements of our clients.  For ease of reference, please find some of our services below:


Classification of entities

Entities need to be classified with regards to the FATCA and CRS, in order to know what legal obligations, if any, is imposed on it. Upon classification, the type of due diligence required and reporting if any, may be determined.


Provision of XML Converter for an effective reporting

We provide a conversion software, with regards to the reporting of required information to relevant supervisory authority, in Mauritius and abroad. This comprehensive software will enable our clients to make their conversion to XML format without difficulty and therefore, allow them to make necessary reporting.


Advising on matter relating to FATCA / CRS

We provide an ongoing assistance and advise on FATCA and CRS matters. This service allows our clients to have an effective support and guidance internally with regards to these automatic exchange of information legislations.