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FATCA compliance in practice

Course brief

This Course has been purposely developed for practitioners of the Mauritius Financial Services Sector who will be involved in the collection of information from account holders, the analysis of data collected, determining whether accounts are reportable and make the reporting to the tax authorities in the specified manner. Attendees will be imparted with the skills and knowledge to assist their institution in complying with the FATCA. Note that real life cases will be discussed, including areas where errors occurred in previous reporting years.

Targeted participants: Compliance Officers, Senior Officers of the Financial Services Sector, Directors, staff involved in FATCA classification

Course Outcome: This course will provide attendees with both a theoretical and practical aspect of the FATCA to help them better understand and manage their FATCA related task. This will include mastering the different types of Financial Institutions, and NFFEs for classification purposes, identifying Existing and Pre-Existing Financial accounts and implementing a proper due diligence method.

All our courses include real life case scenarios to help attendees understand how to apply AML / CFT Laws, norms and practices in their day to day professional activities.


Duration: 4 hrs

Détails: This course is tailor-made and delivered upon request


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