ADS - Gestion De Fortune

Compliance Consultancy

ADS Consulting provides a wide range of compliance, regulatory and legal support services, including but not limited to: 


Independent Compliance Audit 

Compliance audit is a service that we provide, either on a sample basis or applicable to the whole portfolio to help you satisfy the requirements of paragraph 3.1 of the FSC AML/CFT Code. 


Risk Management 

We can provide you with Risk Management Services including but not limited to establishing your Risk Management Framework from scratch or revamping your existing framework and assessing the efficiency of your Risk Management Framework, among other services. 


Compliance Support 

Our Compliance Support Service provides our clients with an ongoing support to deal with the deal with Legal / Compliance, Governance and / or regulatory matters on a timely and cost effective basis. This service may be tailor made depending on your specific requirements. 


Screening Services 

We aim at providing our clients with a reliable, time and cost effective screening service. As such, we make sure to screen all required International databases (including local searches) to catch any hits of any nature. A Screening Report is generated to reflect the results. This service is provided on an ad-hoc or retainer basis, to better suit your need. 


Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) Report 

Upon request, our Consultants may generate an EDD report in the event of a hit captured during the initial screening exercise, in case of dealing with a high risk situations or whenever a client wishes to gather more information on a prospective / existing client. 


Policies, Processes and Procedures 

We draft (or review) Policies, Processes and Procedures and adapt same to your very specific business activity to ensure that your entity is at all-time fully compliant with the prevailing Laws. An on the job training is also delivered by our Consultant(s) to your team to ensure same understanding on the application in practice of the new (or reviewed) Policies, Processes, Procedures. 



We draft manuals (Compliance, Procedure, Code of Ethics, Code of Corporate Governance, FATCA / CRS Manual, etc.) to implement effectively a Compliance Framework to ensure that your licensed entity is in line with prevailing Laws at all time. 



We propose a variety of services pertaining to FATCA and/or CRS.


Data Protection 

  • We provide assistance to organisations to establish a Data Protection Framework as required under the prevailing laws of Mauritius and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 
  • We assess what action is to be taken within your organisation. 
  • Conducting information Audit 
  • Drafting of necessary manuals, processes, policies and procedures to ensure full and effective compliance with the prevailing Data Protection Laws