ADS - Gestion De Fortune

ADS Screening (ADSS)

A substantial value addition to your Compliance Framework

ADS Screening (ADSS) is a service which consist in the screening (or commonly known as background searches), using global databases, of your prospective partners or clients, whether they are individuals, bodies, or corporates and their officers.

This service merges, amongst others, United Nations, European Union, Interpol, HM Treasury and PEP lists as well as adverse media databases. Our tool also uses several search engines recognised by local and international regulatory bodies. The report issued from this search is comprehensive, yet remains simple and clear, and enables management and compliance teams to take immediate decisions.

Moreover, our tool captures any relevant information, allegations, legal charges faced even without convictions, and other information that, from a compliance and commercial perspective, might prove to be useful.

Advantages of ADSS report:

  • Cost-effectiveness of the report
  • Searches conducted by experienced compliance consultants
  • Use of internationally recognised screening engines
  • Screening report generated in a timely manner