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About ADS Consulting Ltd

ADS Consulting (‘ADS’) is an independent and privately owned Compliance Consultancy Firm which specialises in helping financial services firms regulated by the Financial Services Commission (‘FSC’), Bank of Mauritius and/or the Securities and Exchange Board of India operating from Mauritius, to achieve authorisation, manage their regulatory obligations and empower their staff with focused compliance training.


Why is ADS Consulting Ltd your preferred business partner for compliance & regulatory matters?

At ADS Consulting Ltd (ADS), we aim at providing our clients with Compliance related services, tailor made to suit their specific requirements and thus ensuring that they meet their legal obligations with the regulator. Composed of a team of experienced Compliance Professionals, ADS aims at providing its clients with pro-active Compliance solutions designed for the specific business activities and/or regulatory license of our client.


Please find below a non-exhaustive list of Compliance Services we propose: